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Rider Forward Kit For Arctic Cat

Brett Turcotte says, "The first thing I do when I get my new sleds is strip them down and start adding bad ass parts to them, one of the most trick things this year is the NEW Rider Forward Block, moving the post 1" forward and using super tough bushings for an awesome feel, and low maintenance season!"

We send parts to Brett Turcotte and what does he do? He WHIPS them into an amazing package for all Arctic Cat riders to get the most out of their sleds. No more complicated steering systems, no more sloppy steering systems. The Rider Forward position helps to get the most out of your sled!

This kit allows you to simply move the post 1" forward on your Straight Steering Post equipped sled while using our proven billet steering blocks and eliminates the sloppy secondary post on M sleds to give you the rock solid steering system that Turcotte INVERTS  his sled with!

Additional Information:
Standard Post Equipped Sled Kit includes Block, Spacer and Bolts
M Series & High Country Sled Kit includes Block, Spacer, Bolts and T top steering post

  • Manufactured by: OFT Racing

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