Skidoo 850 Steering Block Fix



Upper Billet Steering Block Fix!

Note, This DOES NOT fit 2018 Plus X and XRS short track Gen 4 sleds equipped with the rack steering system



·   THE Fix for the upper steering block on the 850 Ski Doo!

·   Designed to strengthen the very weak designed factory block.

·   Dramatically tighter, long lasting billet block with oilite bronze bushing

·   Pinch bolt in the empty hole to keep it solid

·   Pictures say 1000 words on this one!





We are excited to introduce the fix for the 850 Ski Doo upper steering block. From the factory the casting is not large enough to use both bolts like the factory blocks are designed. This causes a few problems: one being sloppy steering that will continue to get worse as the plastic fatigues, second being this is the only sled where the steering post is retained by only plastic and not captured leaving the potential to break the post right out of the block. 


We have taken our very proven billet block added a front pinch bolt to hold it tight and since our blocks are machined from a solid block of aluminum, you no longer have to fear the weak factory design with only 1 bolt holding it to the chassis.

  • Manufactured by: OFT Racing

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