Yamaha Nytro - The Relocator Kit


The relocator kit is designed to move the OEM Nytro FX, RTX, XTX and MTX steering shaft forward. This helps overcome the "wishy washy" feeling of the Nytro steering, by providing a more "traditional" sled's steering angle. This kit moves the OEM shaft 6 degrees forward of the original position, which equates to about 5" of forward/upward movement of the handlebars. In addition, this kit provides you with a greatly reduced steering radius - it's da bomb in the trees! The kit also replaces the weak and wear prone plastic steering bushing at the bottom with an OFT Racing billet block, and an oilite bushing for a much more stable linkage feel. Fits all years FX Nytro.

  • Manufactured by: OFT Racing

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